Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

hello, linksys i have to tell its a nice thing for the opensource community.
Ima "HOME advanced user", been testing every kind of mod available... love to play with new stuff. wouldn't mind to upgrade from my old linksys router.

i'm usually the guy who is called to get some advice on "what to do" or "what to buy" or "how we(me) can solve this"

anyway, thanks for this linksys and good luck to everyone ... big_smile

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Posting under another account so as not to connect to many things together - but long time lover of everything Linksys (and of course openWRT) build, promote and stand for.

Given the range and features of the new WRT3100ACM I'm keen to get to work on a new 'are they here' system that will use mobile device mac addresses in a known or anon way (optional) to know when users are on site/at location or not. This will be useful for offices as a 'time clock' at it's most basic, but can be used to fire scripts at office or home on a more advanced level.

With so much smart home and smart technology coming along, with lots of their own unique tech, code and methods, it feels like it makes sense to pair down to the most basic of triggers... presence. So when you come home lights turn on, or when you get to work a screen can show you as 'in office' and when you go out to lunch it can update with 'out of office' etc without having to touch, action or do anything.

I plan to also evolve some ideas from Meraki in terms of the user movement / crown throughput using the available triangulation features.

Other things revolve around plex, streaming, and consumer (non tech) users being able to be protected via VPNs without all the complicated drama.

Anyway, that's properly enough for the time being.  smile Good luck to everyone!

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Hi, I'm interested in testing this hardware (OpenWRT, Open2300 package, WS2300 weather station, and another small IoT stuff)

Thx, szögi

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

nbd wrote:

I would be interested in getting one. I've already done quite a bit of rework on the mvebu target, and getting such a device would help with doing some more.

Give this guy a device.... for obvious reasons. He's a major contributor.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

working in a ISP lab . I would be happy to test this unit

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


Recently I got hired as a junior software engineer in embedded networking for a pretty big company and I would love to contribute more to open source software development. Right now I own a hg655b which I customized a lot, had a bunch of problems along the way, but succeeded to solve pretty much all of them. Recently I purchased a tplink 1043nd V3 which turned out to be a V4, sadly, not compatible with Openwrt.

This router will be a great opportunity for me to dig more into the OpenWrt world, learn new things and contribute to your great project. Big thanks to linksys for doing this amazing thing for the openwrt community.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Oh, what a generous and unexpected offer.

Well, I bought the ACS to replace my somewhat older ugly high power device in the living room as the hardware is capable enough and the device has this pleasant look. It ended up in the office taken apart for a permant serial connection. So having a unit for develoment and testing so the one I bought can serve it's intended purpose sure would be nice.

My interest wrt this device series and OpenWrt is to polish the already quite good support and keep OpenWrt a viable option for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to all nominating me. So I do the same and hope those I forgot may forgive me.

leitec - for his work on the swconfig driver
InkblotAdmirer - for getting CESA to work first
nitroshift - for the work on mvneta and the work towards restoring broken bootloaders
nbd - for finding the broken mainline commit that plagued Mamba users a long time.
Kaloz - for obvious reason
Chadster - for his work in the early days and McDebian
BrainSlayer - for relentlessly hunting wireless bugs
JW0914 - for maintaining the wiki page for this device series
hnyman, Villeneuve, dlang - for providing quality support for users on several occasions
davidc502 - for his builds
wigyori - the relevant lieutenant

Maybe those who already have a Rango unit can be put up for a bottle of wine instead.


Linksys WRT1900ACS v1 (Shelby)  |  Linksys WRT3200ACM (Rango)

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


I am a embedded Linux developer working in Köln Germany.

Our products are based on OpenWRT and shipped with 802.11ac 3x3 and Marvell chip 88F6828 which is similar with the chip inside WRT3200ACM. I have been working on kernel and 802.11 optimization on this chip for more than 1 year. So I believe I may have a little more understanding of this router.

I have great interest about the 802.11ac 4x4 capability of WRT3200ACM and doing comparison with our products.

I would like to apply for one WRT3200ACM to explore the potential of it and contribute my work to open source and OpenWRT.


Xue Liu

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

what a pity - no. 59 in this thread! smile

Nevertheless I would be very interested in testing/developing on one of these units, really a great opportunity from Linksys.
I'm an active OpenWRT/LEDE package maintainer (mc/ssmtp) and developer (adblock/travelmate) with interests in many types of embedded systems.


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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

mojolacerator wrote:

I would be very interested in receiving a WRT3200ACM. I owned a WRT1900ACv1, and was one of the first to test Chadster's Openwrt image. I have since purchased a "V2" and thoroughly intend one way or another to  have the WRT3200ACM in my possession. I routinely test LEDE/Openwrt and now running Gargoyle's version of Openwrt.

If Linksys/Belkin keeps putting out the new "WRT"'s, and truly opensource,  I will never buy another brand of router.
I have a number of people I work with, running WRT1900's due to my experience.

After reading the posts in this thread, I realized there many more who are more deserving then I, to receive this router for free. I have purchased my own now, but I would opt for sera's suggestion. I am in for a good bottle of wine!

@ Linksy/Belkin - Keep the "WRT" series coming !!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW- The only firmware that is working efficiently for me ( at this time ), is Openwrt. This router is a beast.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


I want to line up in the row, but currently *only* helping other people to get OpenWRT running on their device.

I the other time I (re)working Mediatek and Realtek driver, both are 802.11ac, getting ready for mainline linux.
Realtek is a little strange device because of the USB3/USB2 switch

Greetings from Cologne / Germany

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Currently, I have 8 Linksys devices in various environments.  5 are EA4500s that allowed a school to have complete wifi coverage for a great price, 2 WRT1900AC v1s and 1 WRT1900ACS.  OpenWRT has been a must on my routers for about a decade now.  I have sold OpenWRT modified routers commercially.  -- To be honest, Linksys, if you are really reading this, I have some marketing ideas for you to take more market share (e.g. with OpenWRT and OpenDNS, you can have free content filtering..who advertises that?  Pre-configured for privacy option?). 

Of course, this forum is related to development.  From me, you most likely won't get code, you will receive testing, exposure, and a guarantee that it will be hacked and exploited to do things that go beyond original intention.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Been using OpenWRT for all kinds of projects since 2010. Building and customizing for all kinds of hardware is easy. Recently bought a WRT1900ACS to replace my old Windows environment as firewall and house router. It is an amazing piece of hardware and easily copes with the myriad of scripts and services I run for IoT at home. With the WRT3200ACM I would focus on getting MySensor easily compiled for OpenWRT targets and give my WRT1900ACS to my mother to enjoy. Cheers!


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I greatly appreciate the generous offer by Linksys.

I would help functional test software requirements and help write technical documentation.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Hi I am newly registered to the OIpenWRT forum and this is actually my first post smile

My exposure to OpenWRT started from the end of last year. Being the founding engineer of a startup, we first worked in an incubator (in Mountain View, CA) where the WiFi was slow and unstable. As far as I know, the problem was still not fixed when we moved out to have our own office space -- so it showed how tricky network issues were. Afterwards, I used a WRT-AC1900 router with OpenWRT flashed for our own office, and it has been stable for more than a year.

During the time, I have been mainly learning OpenWRT (and networking in general) and doing tests. But now I do believe my understanding is sufficient so that I am able to contribute more back to the community. I am especially interested in improvements on two things:
1. connection stability / latency, and
2. NAS functionalities
For example, I would be excited to know more about the MU-MIMO functionalities of the AC3200 router and if I can use my optimization skills to make it even better.

Thanks to all!

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


I am currently using a WRT1900ACS v1 and love the Openwrt firmware.
I have developped software for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows for 30 years.
My interrests are especially networking and kernel drivers.
I first started writing kernel drivers and Unix utilities for the MINIX Operating System with Prof. A.S. Tanenbaum in 1986 at the Free University in Amsterdam.

I'd love to try a new WRT3200ACM.


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway


This surely is nice and respective gesture from Linksys. Especially the 54 devices is quite "right" one number to share boxes.
As you might know, the Finland is very cold place with very little sun during the winter time. Of course good coffee helps a lot, but a Rango box would definitely brighten up the days and bring a lot of warmth here for a network security guy.

The coffee drinking snowman

The coffee drinking penguin

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

This is a great offer for the OpenWrt community!
I'm a lead developer of a project based on OpenWrt for a Hungarian authorities. In additiom I'm a creator/maintainer of a community fork for OpenWrt (started for Hunagarian OpenWrt community) based on ar71xx platform. Now I have experience on ar71xx, ramips and kirkwood platform. I would like to test your new device and port my fork for it!


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Hi, i'm not the most active one in the community, but this could be a motivating thing to finally port my per-device-logging-and-graphing-thingie to openWrt/LEDE + integrate it into luci and so on. It's intended to provide lots of detail, so it  would be targeted on more powerful devices.

currently looks like this:
(still ugly like hell wink

I had an WRT1200AC once and really liked it, but because the wifi-driver still had some problems i lent it to a friend and never got it back.

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I'd love to try out a WRT3200ACM! My first was the WRT54G and it was great with Tomato then. Cheers to WRT3200ACM with OpenWRT!


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

First, like many have stated, the greatest value to be derived by the community is to get units into the hands of those that provide the greatest contribution. Seems obvious, but anyway: metrics to be had at github / Contributors for the various relevant projects is a pretty good indicator. Although my experience with OpenWrt extends over a much longer time-frame, from my experience over the last couple years directly involving this family of routers, I would give a shout-out to @ndb, @jow, @sera, @hnyman, @Chadster766, @BrainSlayer...

Currently own mamba and shelby devices in this series. I have taken a particular interest in this family of routers and have been building, testing, providing feedback(bugs), minor updates to the code base, and supporting community members in the forum / irc.

No, really, call me newtown.
Oh, what quackery is this, that ruffles feathers so.
I'm not here, but then, you're not all there.
c7v2|c5v1 & WRTxx00ACx Images: Stuff

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Kaloz wrote:

[...]Linksys is offering 54 units to the OpenWrt Developer Community[...].

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Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

I'd like a rango / wrt3200acm

Despite the fact yet another router is the last thing my apartment needs, and despite the fact I'm a software engineer in my day job (time/energy constraints), I have huge respect for how belkin/linksys/marvell have been engaging with the community (actual engineers working on the product actually engaging with the community, thank you !!! ). This is the reason I own a cobra (wrt1900ac v2) today and why I've been recommending the linksys wrt series routers to various folks seeking various advice who would have been in need of one and have been happy to help them "get up to speed".

I'd be happy to help out and start building, and start "manually regression testing" functionality and performance, on the wrt3200acm, use it as my "daily driver" for a while, see how it compares to my other routers as a high performance home router device.

Linksys WRT1900ac v2 :: Turris Omnia :: TP-Link Archer C7 v2 / WDR4300 / WR1043nd v1 / MR3040 v2.3 :: ASRock n3150-itx+KVM / Cisco E3000 :: MQmaker WiTi :: Raspberry Pi Model B / TL-WN822N :: Mikrotik hAP ac/hAP ac lite/HEX

Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

It seems I've arrived too late. BTW nice to see a company giving some units to devs. I'm mostly interested in this unit for testing LIRC (Linux Infrarred Remote Control) support using GPIOs.

If there is still any spare unit, it is welcomed.


Re: Linksys says "Thank you!" - WRT3200ACM giveaway

Kaloz wrote:

To celebrate the launch of the WRT3200ACM, Linksys is offering 54 units to the OpenWrt Developer Community in thanks for the support of the WRT line. In order to be considered, please post a few lines about yourself, and the OpenWrt project you’d like to start using the WRT3200ACM. On December 1st Linksys will make the selection of the 54 developers, and will get units out in time for the Holidays.

One question how and when the selected developers will be informed?