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I have D-Link DIR-655 and I want to install Openwrt but I don't know witch file to download for this model. Can anyone help me with that ?

Thank you.

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Seems like bad luck ->

mbm wrote:

DIR-655 is a ubicom chipset and will not be supported.

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Why won't Ubicom be supported? There is a Linux BSP distro available from Ubicom that demonstrates you can run Linux on their hardware. … l_Ver2Rev2

I noticed either on open-wrt or dd-wrt that some people seem to think only the new IP7xxx chips support Linux, but the above Howto clearly demonstrates otherwise.

Can we please stir interest in Open-WRT for D-Link DIR-655 and other Ubicom based great routers?

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i read some where that it cam be supported try your luck

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jdwebmaster wrote:

i read some where that it cam be supported try your luck

How do I go about trying my luck?
Can I flash the device over ethernet?
I think I should be able to build OpenWRT myself... I have only browsed over the instructions so far - is it easy to add custom functionality? e.g. USB port support for external drives and share them over NFS or Samba?

I saw a post about the raw images and the BIN images, are there instructions for building BIN images? Any ideas on how to make a valid BIN image for the DIR-655? I wonder if the DIR-615 image would work?

If this doesn't work - how might I undo the damage I caused? Or at least upload a DLink image?

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Well, I'm also found some links about Linux on IP5xxx|IP7xxx and it can support much of routers unavailable for openwrt now.
Official answer for linux router firmware develop
IP5xxx series of BSP discussion
How to build uClinux for IP5160 (4MB flash and 16MB RAM)
It looks like a charm, but who can build and test openwrt on such router safely without risk of bricking device? Or who knows how flash it in emergency mode?

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Looks like DLINK has released the GPL source available at:

Does anyone know if there will be an OpenWRT image for the same (DIR 655 verA3)?


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Any news about Dlink dir-655? Unfortunately I bought it, and it seems that it is not supported, can't install OpenWRT.

Or do you have news?

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Dlink has released an emulator for their devices.  Build it and test your flash of any wrt firmware against it.  If it works, you should be able to use their libraries to build and flash your own bin packages if you know what you are doing.  I'd ask you to upload them somewhere, but that would be both presumptuous and a little selfish, not to mention putting you in a tight spot if somebody bricks a router.  Uploading your revision number and the methods you used that worked might be useful, though.