Zyxel VMG8825-T50 has OpenWrt 12 firmware (fork)

I managed to log into this router (Zyxel VMG8825-T50 ) and found out the root password. Use a custom OpenWrt 12.04 firmware (fork).
Performing a hack, on JSON file (config), just move the encrypted password, in a field. The password becomes visible in the webif.
I am trying to compile a newer version by copying the VDSL drivers, etc. etc. Can anyone give me some support, I think it is a very promising router, like W8970

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This device is very specifically shown as not supported. If you are a developer, you could help add support for this unit, but otherwise it is not as simple as simply compiling a new version and copying drivers.

I was not able to find linux kernel sources for the EN7516 SOC this device uses. It doesn't seem like there are many devices using it, http://en.techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com/wiki/MediaTek lists 0 known.

So, Step 1 would be to get EN7516 supported in mainline linux 5.15+ by forward porting the kernel source for 3.18 you might be able to get from MediaTek, then -Step 2- backport the changes back onto the 5.1X kernel OpenWrt uses at that time in git master.

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Yes, I am a developer. I can honestly dedicate myself to the maximum. ok perfect, I was doing several tests, now I try to do so. First step I try to compile the kernel

I'm guessing this router is using a serial numer derived supervisor password by default, so you can probably calculate it without hacking the config. You might want to try out the code linked to from https://openwrt.org/toh/zyxel/nr7101#obtaining_the_supervisor_password

Note that the getsupervisor.sh script in there filter out all the alternatives which are not relevant for the NR7101. The VMG8825 is probably using one of the newer ones. So you may want to remove the

|sed -ne 's/^Old algorithm super.*\.//p'

from the script to see all the output

I started, to get my hands on everything, I was busy for work. Here I have initialized a repository, who wants to contribute and welcome

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