ZyXEL NR7101 with OpenWrt

Dear All
I install OpenWrt on my ZyXEL NR7101 and when i login to Http:// it says : System running in recovery (initramfs) mode.
feel uncomfortable with it would you please guide me how to install the original OS on my ZyXEL NR7101

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Once initramfs is running, you simply need to run the sysupgrade process (using the sysupgrade image) to write the firmware to flash storage.


thank you for your reply
I did it but still each time upload original image I get this massage and when i check force the device reboot to openwrt os
any advice please
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I had same issue.

Well, if you have serial console attached then you can also change the variable in the U-Boot shell. Stop the boot with Esc, type atgu and then 4 to get into the U-Boot shell. Then

printenv BootingFlag

and optionally

setenv BootingFlag 0


4: System Enter Boot Command Line Interface.

U-Boot 1.1.3 (Jun  3 2020 - 08:39:27)
MT7621 #
MT7621 # printenv BootingFlag
MT7621 # setenv BootingFlag 0
MT7621 # saveenv
Saving Environment to NAND Flash...
..Erasing NAND Flash...
ranand_erase: start:80000, len:20000
.Writing to NAND Flash...
MT7621 #

If you dont have serial connection, try this.


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I don't have U-Boot. Its keep saying ( printenv: not found)
How to get U-Boot envtools added using serial?

You shold download uboot, or connect serial. Just same problem i had.


Stop the boot with Esc, type atgu and then 4 to get into the U-Boot shell. Then

printenv BootingFlag If BootingFlag is 1 then,

setenv BootingFlag 0


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@ Tarmgass especial thank for your supporting me on my zyxel nr7101
I would like to inform you that I finally install OEM firmware on my device without your help i couldn't do it
thanks again
best regards

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I noticed it that after install Stock firmware that the serial number has been changed is there any way to resort the original serial number?

Those are probably set as u-boot variables.

Disclainer: I have only experience with Telenor branded NR7101s.

There is a serialnumber variable in the u-boot env, but it's set from default environment and therefore the same on every device:

root@OpenWrt:/# fw_printenv SerialNumber

AFAIK, the OEM firmware does not use this variable.

The real serial number is found in the "Factory" partition along with the device specific certificate and presumable other device speciifc settings. You can read it out with strings or hexdump or similar. E.g on OpenWrt (slightly obfuscated):

root@OpenWrt:/# strings /dev/mtd2 | head -4
strings: standard output: Broken pipe

This partition should never be touched. I still recommend making a backup just in case. But the backup is not required unless you do something spectacularly wrong.

Installing OpenWrt or reverting to stock, using the intructions provided here, will not destroy any data in the Factory partition.

Note that the certificate and matching private key are required if you ever want to enroll the device with operator management again. It is unique for each device and signed by Telenor.

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