Zyxel NBG6817 - MAC is set on virtual devices and not eth0 and eth1


I own two types of devices, Netgear R7800 and Zyxel NBG6817 based on the same platform.

With NBG6817 I have problems because the MAC changes randomly. It is caused by the original MAC which is set to the virt. devices eth0.2 and eth1.1 instead if eth0 and eth1 like it is done with R7800. Using many VLANs resulting in changing MACs at all VLANs, eth0 and eth1 randomly as the hardware MAC is not set to eth0 and eth1.

Workaround: I set the MAC manually to eth0 and eth1 like it is done for R7800 automatically.

I tried changing the 02_network file but could not get it running fine for me and also have the question if this is the wanted behavior somehow...but it looks like a bug.

Content of board.JSON of NBG6817. The MACs are not included in R7800 so I think they are set by the driver instead to eth0 and eth1 which would be the behavior I expect.

 "network": {
            "lan": {
                    "device": "eth1.1",
                    "protocol": "static",
                    "macaddr": "DELETED:3e:89:26"
            "wan": {
                    "device": "eth0.2",
                    "protocol": "dhcp",
                    "macaddr": "DELETED:3e:89:27"