ZyXEL NBG6817 / Armor Z2 (AC2600) - Lede(openwrt) Terrible performance

The firmware provided by you so far works better then the other firmware's i have installed.
But i have a problem, apparently there is a issue with the cable between my house and the hub as what my ISP concluded. I requested an mechanic to come take a look but they will come April 3rd. Reason is because feast days and vacation.
Now i have to hope there is a issue with the hub only if not they will have to dig for the cable which means i won't have internet for 4 weeks.
So i can't give accurate details regarding the SQM problems. Once everything is clear and fixed i will come back straight for this thread to do further testing.

Jay out!

Why are you using this.

And this? When troubleshooting, always try to go with the most simple / barebones configurations and go from there. You're needlessly introducing complexity which shouldn't be needed at this point.

I am no SQM expert, and I don't even know what these options do, but it might be a good idea to test with a simple configuration first :slight_smile:

Yeah as i wrote in previous post, there are some massive cable issues which i cant/allowed to reach. This is causing my massive bufferbloat and insanely unstable network speeds. Just gotta wait it out and see what will happen 3rd of april. Once everything is settled and everything is proper i will do some basic testing on SQM and figure out what the best settings are for me.

Right now i'am just placed in a ditch where i can't do nothing but wait. Which frustrates me as well.
I also read that the Zyxel NBG6817 is a powerhouse router which should be able to handle speeds around 1Gbps but then again i'am looking for a router that can handle bufferbloat at around 600Mbps.
So lets wait it out until 3rd of april and see if this monster can reach low bufferbloat with 450mbps :smiley:

Okay so i have done some more tests now.

I have compiled my own firmware with irqbalance and other things i needed.
For these test i have everything disabled except the default things. (UNTOUCHED)
I get very unstable download speeds constantly with this router. ranging from 200-330.

With a direct line from my pc to the modem i get stable linear line download speeds.

Can someone explain/help me with this issue?
I just can't understand why this router collapse with the download speed.
It can reach 400mbit easy as the peaks in bandwidth graphs show it can reach up to 600-800mbit download but in practice(net) it only pushes 200-340mbit download and very unstable.

That does not surprise me: OpenWRT is slower than the stock firmware especially with SQM. This router is using the same hardware as Netgear R7800 and there are several active (and not) threads about latency and performance issues. It will help you to read them.

SQM is completely disabled.
Means this is just stock settings and direct to the modem where to modem is also stock defaults settings.