Zyxel AX7501 with XGSPON SFP+ 10GB Fiber router support


I just got the official Zyxel source code dump of the latest firmware version PX7501-B0(V5.17(ABPC.3)D0 to study. And what a surprise for me to find the header of openwrt everywhere spread in the source code

Copyright (C) 2007 OpenWrt.org

found reference to Barrier Breaker, aka 14.07, circa 2018

CONFIG_DEFAULT_TARGET_OPTIMIZATION="-Os -pipe -march=armv5te -mtune=xscale -fno-caller-saves"

linux kernel is 4.1 and so on. What would be the effort to bring it to the latest 22.03 of OpenWrt ?

there are private key rsa files in the dump, I assume to sign the binary or unlock the boot loader?

Im not a C++ developer and the source tree look not the same. I have no idea how much or how bad the source code has been modified, hacked ....This router is pretty common, hardware seems decent, and having the latest security patches would be great.


Broadcom will be a dead-end.


It's not a surprise. Plenty of SDKs based on ancient (and heavily mutilated) OpenWrt codebases. It won't help you, the essential bits are binary blobs 99% of the time.

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