Zyxel Armor z2 NBG6817 usb dongle support

Hi everyone,

Per documentation NBG6817 does not support USB dongles.

Does OpenWrt help to overcome this?

Generally yes, but you need to be more specific with the USB device model, version, etc.

Hi Andrew,

I am new to OpenWrt, so will be glad to any suggestions regarding the USB dongle device.There are a lot Huawei dongles at local online shops, so maybe this is the option.

If you're talking about 3G/4G USB dongles, then my recommendation will be "just forget about them all".
In order to use the mobile broadband consider buying notebook-style 4G/5G modem in mPCIe or M.2(NGFF) form-factor and a corresponding adapter [to USB interface].

General information regarding various protocol support in OpenWrt: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wan/wwan/start

You can see some popular model names here:

Thank you for your suggestion, but in n my case I need to fool my work laptop about my current location (work from another country), so I was able to do it with OpenWrt and VPN.
I also want to have a backup if there are no direct access to high speed internet (in hotel for example), so I think dongles is a way to go.