ZXHN F670 possibility

Good day comrades)

A question for GURU. I really don't know how to make builds...
Probably someone can help me to make and test some superbetalfa build to zte machine?

I really love to use lede/openwrt firmware with my old wdr4300... ipv6, adblock... No limitation from our government ...

In next 2-3 weeks, our local operator will suit me with ZXHN F670, and I dreaming to use custom firmware with it.

I need a hero=)

that's an ONT, 0 (zero) chances !
just tell them to let it in bridge mode and use your old router, or you could use double nat


...is not supported.

And without knowing what's inside, nobody can build an image.
OpenWrt support doesn't fall from heaven. It needs work to be done by the one who wants his device to be supported.