Zte zxhn h198a


I would like to know if anyone knows if it is possible to use openwrt on this router: ZTE ZXHN H198A


No, this device is not supported. In most cases, you will find it in the Table of Hardware if it is supported.

You can also look in the firmware selector (sometimes the table of hardware doesn't get the relevant updates), but you'll see that it isn't listed there, either. And of course, there's also your favorite search engine (search terms: "h198a openwrt") and you'l see that it also turns up no hits.

Yes, I understand, but I thought there might be something else compatible

What do you mean by this? As a general rule, every device is unique. There are some rare situations where the same exact device is acutally marketed under two different model numbers (even brands), but that is the exception. Almost all devices require at least some level of customization of the firmware based on the exact combination of hardware in use as well as the details of how it is designed (down to to the pin-outs of the chips). And that assumes that the device is supportable (it must have supported chipsets (SoC, wifi, ethernet and peripheral devices) as well as sufficient RAM and flash storage to fit OpenWrt.

And at least https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/ZTE#Models strongly suggests that neither of those two (semi-)known hardware revisions will ever be supported by OpenWrt (v1 has no drivers for xDSL/ wireless and is below minimum system requirements, v2 has no xDSL drivers/ SOC support either, and is below any workable flash/ RAM limits).