ZTE ZXHN H168N OpenWrt Flash

Hello Comunity. I have a Modem /wireless with a Broadcom4350 cpu and i would like to ask if it is be compatible with OPENWRT
Model = ZXHN H168N
Am i able to use OPENWRT in this device??

Thank you for reading.!


It's not supported https://openwrt.org/toh/start?dataflt[Brand*~]=Zte and very unlikely to ever get supported.

Moreover, most of xDSL all-in-one devices that are supported don't have support for the modem function due to driver unavailability.

My best advic3 of this is your current modem, and you really want OpenWrt: put your ZTE device in bridge mode if you can (where it just works a modem) and get yourself a router/AP that supports OpenWrt.

If budget is little, then you better get a used mid-range device than a cheap new device that will probably have limited storage or RAM.

If you mention your requirements, Internet sales and budget, people will be happy to suggest some alternatives.

You can also have a quick look at the table of hardware

Actually I have bulk quantity of these modems and I want to configure this as Pppoe dialup through Ethernet port. And its stock firmware doesn't support Ethernet pppoe dialup so i want any custom firmware which support pppoe through Lan port..