ZTE MF286D stock firmware partitions backup

the guide located at https://openwrt.org/toh/zte/mf286d suggests to make stoc partitions backup.
Unfortunately it doesn't say how, doesn't provide any link etc.
Could someone write the procedure how to do it on that hardware?

Thanks :slight_smile:

probably the same as for the 286R.

Thanks, this gives me the commands, but still don't explain entire procedure.How to extract these dumps from the router to any disk or whatever?
Can I use USB stick ? or what ?

This is from the link provided...

After booting into the stock frimware and connecting to the console either via serial or telnet, Connect an external USB drive formatted with FAT or ext4 to the USB port. - The drive will be auto-mounted to /var/usb_disk - Check the flash layout of the device

Alternatively, you can use the TFTP server you are already going to use for the openwrt initramfs image, as a storage for the MTD dumps, by using something similar to: (Thanks to cicibird at discord for this tip)


Indeed after your post, I saw it as well :smiley:
Thanks :slight_smile:

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