ZTE MF286d messed up install

Hello all

following the Wiki I've flashed the initramfs, ( I had to make about 10 restarts befor the Image was read from the tftp server ), then after removing stock partitions it came to sysupgrade. Sysupgrade -n was asking if I would keep the old settings or confirm for new settings. I've answered 'Y' for the new settings.

The process of installing the sysupgrade.bin did not finish successful, but sorry, I can't remember the error message anymore. I'm home only for a few hours on Weekends and I did the install last time I've been home.

When I switch on the Router the situation is now:

  • The Router does a full boot, I can login to OpenWRT via serial console.

  • None of the Ethernet Ports of the Router will give me an Echo ( no route to host )

  • I'm not able to reflash the initramfs again to start from scratch ( Uboot messed up?)

After a failed attemt to reflash the initramfs printenv is showing:

(IPQ40xx) # printenv

lc=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}cdt-AP.DK04.1-C1.bin&&sf probe&&sf erase 0xc0000 +$filesize&&sf write $fileaddr 0xc0000 $filesize
lp=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}norplusnand-system-partition-ipq40xx.bin&&sf probe&&sf erase 0x40000 +$filesize&&sf write $fileaddr 0x40000 $filesize
lr=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}root_uImage&&nand erase 0x1000000 0x800000 &&nand write_partition 0x84000000     0x1000000     0x800000 &&nand erase 0x1800000 0x1D00000 &&nand write_partition 0x84800000     0x1800000     0x1D00000
lrb=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}delta.bin&&nand erase 0x3500000 0x1900000&&nand write $fileaddr 0x3500000 $filesize
lrs=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}root_uImage_s&&nand erase 0x1800000 0x1D00000&&nand write $fileaddr 0x1800000 $filesize
lu=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}uboot.bin&&sf probe&&sf erase 0xf0000 +$filesize&&sf write $fileaddr 0xf0000 $filesize
lw=tftpboot 0x84000000 ${dir}web.img&&nand erase 0x1000000 0x800000&&nand write $fileaddr 0x1000000 $filesize

Environment size: 1185/65532 bytes

Can someone point me to the right direction to fix my dilemma. I'm happy to provide all Infos needed.

Thanks for reading