Zidoo x10 and smb

Hi folks!
I need some help of the professionals.
My case is next:

  • I've got apple air port extreme as the router
  • I've got android tv box zidoo x10 with internal hdd; basically it has OpenWRT
  • I've got some laptops in my lan
  • between tv box and laptops works samba
  • when the internet connection is ok, smb also work great - I can connect to tv box's hdd and exchange some files etc.
  • but when the wan is down I can't connect to tv box hdd
  • but tv box pings great (it has internal dhcp address which is constant and I can ping it without internet)

Would you be so kind to open my eyes why this happen? why I can't connect hdd without internet?
I think it could be connected in some way with DNS - so I made some adjustments in OpenWRT's network wan and lan sections - I put the dress of my airport extreme but nothing changed.

I'm confused now...

Android 6.0 + OpenWRT(NAS) dual system run simultaneously


A curious device...

How do you reach the SAMBA server on that device? What do you type exactly on the file browser?

Samba goes oob - I’ve just switch it on. Similar as DLNA, ftp, Aria2 and transition client.
I use OS X finder for file browsing and exchange