ZDNS for openwrt

Request for developers to add support for ZDNS

Here's a good read about it

It looks very interesting imo


I can't tell if this is a test utility or a replacement for dnsmasq?

If a replacement for dnsmasq, what replaces DHCP, and do you have ideas on how to integrate an alternative?

(i.e. Can you offer more details?)

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My understanding is to integrate dnsmasq with znet, as like Unbound merge with existing DHCP server

It appears this software would more-so a utility similar to: dig, nslookup or some other command line tool for mass DNS queries (i.e. millions at a single time) - for research purposes, data collection, etc. It seems to provide the output in JSON format.

While offering more details - can you explain your suggestion to be integrated with dnsmasq?

BTW, dnsmasq is an upstream software, you'd have to contact that developer to integrate into dnsmasq.