ZbT WG208 (WE4726) Router Support

Searching on Chinese online shopping sites turns up an interesting model - ZbT WG208, aka WE4726, available for about $35 USD.

Manufacturer's page, listed as model WE4726: https://www.zbtlink.com/sale-12593515-wireless-cpe-openwrt-wifi-router-gigabit-1200mbps-smart-access-point-dual-band.html (yes, OpenWrt is in the product name :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Going through the boot logs of other ZBT devices on the Wiki it's most likely that the OEM firmware is itself OpenWrt-based.

FCC report: https://fccid.io/2AC47-ZBT-WE1326/Test-Report/RF-Test-Report-3860656

Listings describe this model as sporting a MT7621 chipset, 128MB RAM, 16MB SPI flash, 4 + 1 Gigabit Ethernet, and dual-band 1200Mbps Wi-Fi.

Has anyone tried porting OpenWrt to this model?

ZBT seems to slap new model numbers on a mix of boards and cases


I'm wondering if the factory openwrt version has a configuration log?

Another musing is if a crowd-funded project could be set with OpenWrt to buy 500 - 1000 units with OpenWrt logos and flashed with initramfs. The buyer could then download a release or make a custom image. The price of the units would include a donation to the OpenWrt project. It also looks like larger flash chips can be specified

To me, this would be better then most devices on the market. Frequent security updates, more flexibility, open code for review by anyone concerned about backdoors and community support.

I need the OpenWrt software or the official Zbt-WE4726 software