ZBT wg1608-32m

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Anyone know when there will be a version for the ZBT wg1608-32m or does it use the ZBT wg1608-16m version?

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Notes: Have been using ofmodemsandmen.com rooter ptoject GoldenOrb_2022-09-01 ( OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT ).. Was having some package install issues and in checking found is due to using snapshot.. further checking = There was no Official GoldenOrb Firmware due to being new build so still going through snapshot..
Am monitoring hoping openwrt will be avalable soon as have a huge need to latest versions of a number of packages!

Two months on.. Still no sign of openwrt for ZBT wg1608-32m.
The strange thing is on github can see this was worked on https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/10434 and time stamps are from 5 months ago.. hopefully with the new year things will wake up......

I bought a wg1608 with 256M flash and 512ram 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi, usb3, uSD slot,socket for optional gsm module... with a custom openwrt build.
Will the official openwrt work all the same and recognize the whole flash? 5GHz wifi supprted?
OK I reply myself: openwrt works fine, only 8mb free for packages the remaining 248MB listed as tmpfs (goldenorb has a build with 32mb fflash with 16 free for packages) wifi 5GHz 80MHz bandwidth OK (160MHz no)

Hello, been on the road so slow to respond.. If i am correct the two versions are 16MB256MB

With you mentioning 256MB then I expect you have the ZBT wg1608-16m and openwrt does have support for this!

RE: the ZBT wg1608-32m you are correct that GoldenOrb has a version and has had it for some time..
For Openwrt: The challenge was that the -16m could not be installed on the -32m and there were fixes in the works to address this but it ends up being hurry up and wait. (advice came accross later, check the compatability and only buy whats on there, that way not left waiting..) That being said I have actualy been using goldenorb on my main router for a very long time and found it a lot easier and less of a pain to get it working.. Only recently I have needed to go Openwrt due to needing updated modules that will not be in goldenorb for who knows how long..
From what we can see the upcoming openwrt has a lot of vary nice updates and just have to hope -32m gets added.. Unfortunately am no longer holding out much hope but who knows..

My slow process now is work on custom mini PC router and will be looking out for something next level speed wise. There are some quite interesting things floating around now if can find them..

EDIT: hmm now not sure what you have, with that can see 500 odd of ram then would have expected it to be the -32m Further the other questions, yes it had 5ghz wifi an it works well for me. Was not sure about the 160MHz but looks like you confirmed that is a no.
Could you double check or send a link to where you got it from?

.zZ .zZ .zZ Role on more time and still no sign. So rings true "check compatibility and only go for what is already supported" But the spanner in the works is the wheels turn so slow as I have found out with 5G support on so many levels!

ohhh is there a light on the horison:

Will see if can find out more and maby try it this coming weekend


Yup, had seen was on the card on git for an age. That link is dated:
Thu, 11 Aug 2022 09:13:35 +0100
So is over a year ago.
Looking at the link i had posted: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/10434
Looks like the opened on the same date.

I had been monitoring the pre versions and was only in the last month i spotted there was finaly a ver but have not managed to try it yet. Hope to get it off the ground in the next week or two