ZBT WE826-T2 >No Modem/SIM<

Yesterday I flashed my ZBT WE826-T2 to the latest OpenWRT firmware, coming from the OEM-Firmware.

now I can no longer connect to the cellular network at all. The SIM card is not displayed and nothing else regarding the LTE modem.

Do I have to flash anything in addition?

Kind regards,

What kind of modem? Did you install required drivers etc? OpenWrt does not have all possible drivers in the image by default, you have to install what you need yourself.

Oh crap...
the modem is the original, i dont have installed my own one. Where can i get the drivers and do you have a little Tutorial how to install additional Software?

Many thanks for the fast reply.

Read this: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wan/wwan/3gdongle

From repo: https://downloads.openwrt.org/ (depending version that you installed)

Show us result:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices

Check this: Modem doesnot get detected (ZBT WE826 16m)

Where do I input the cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices command?

I'm attempting to setup the QMI protocol but I'm not sure what to put where it says: Modem device ______

On my WG3526 this is populated as a USB address but I'm not getting that dropdown menu on my WE826-T2.

Connect via ssh and write this command, tap enter at the end.