ZBT WE826-T2 Drops conectivity after reboot

Model: ZBT-WE826 (16M)
Versión: OpenWrt 18.06.2 r7676-cddd7b4c77
Architecture: MediaTek MT7620A ver:2 eco:6

Hi everyone

I have the home router ( connected to the WE826 device (WAN port)
My laptop connected to the WE826 device LAN port (

All works very well but when I reboot the WE826 device, my laptop gets an IP from the home router ( network) and I lose the conectivity (no internet at all). The only way I can restore the connectivity is to unplug and replug the laptop ethernet cable in order to renew de IP address.

I think that somehow the WE826 device works as a simple switch conecting all ports together (WAN and LAN) while rebooting and that's why my laptop gets the IP address from the wrong network.

Is there any way to fix this? Maybe a command to turn off the LAN ports and then turn them on to simulate the unplug and replug cable troubleshooting

Please TT