ZBT-WE826 32Mb Flash, but rootfs only 14Mb maximum

I just bought the 32Mb version of ZBT-WE826, tried both the already compiled snapshot image and compiling from source my own image for the 32Mb variant, and realized that my rootfs partition can't have more than 14Mb. I thought that having more flash memory available would increase my rootfs/overlay size cap, can someone explain to me what's going on? I also have a 16Mb ZBT with a 14Mb rootfs, which made me confused.

The 16MB version works for my 16MB Flash version of ZBT-WE826.

The image needs to be tweaked to see a 32MB flash, as you flashed an image for a 16MB device.

It's not quite like re-partition of a HDD.

Still, the 32Mb image downloaded from openwrt have only 14Mb for rootfs, same for my compiled img. It's not a issue with the .dts file

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