ZBT WE1026 4G captive portal and GPS tracking


I have a ZTE WE1026 4G (https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/zbt/zbt_we1026-5g) device and i need to enable captive portal , internet via 3g/4g modem (QUECTEL EC25-AU) and GPS tracking.
The device came with the Barrier Breaker firmware, i could use the 3g/4g modem but i'm not able to install Coova chilli from opkg, so, i have done a firmware upgrade, to Chaos Calmer and now i could install Coova chilli with success but the devices seems to not recognize the 3g/4g modem.
Do you have some idea of what is the best option i have to make all the things working? Is there any other firmware that fits better with this device for the required purposes?
I want also to have GPS tracking via QUECTEL model, is that possible? I have read that this modem as a GNSS antenna, but i don't know how to configure it properly.

Thanks for the help!

Your first steps would be to upgrade to 18.06.1 or later. Barrier Breaker is both insecure and unsupportable, and that you may have OEM firmware based on OpenWrt certainly doesn't improve the situation.

The upgrade URLs are on the linked page you posted.

Thanks! I upgraded to the sysupgrade firmware available in the device page on OpenWrt website and it worked! I added also a couple modules, related to USB and now i can connect via 3g/4g.
Now, my only doubt is about the GPS/GNSS capability of the QUECTEL EC25 module. Does anyone have any kind of experience of getting data from this device?


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echo -e "at+qgps=1\n" > /dev/ttyUSB2
cat /dev/ttyUSB1

ttyUSB1 - gps, you can read data from this interface
ttyUSB2 - at command, gps need to be enabled to read any data.

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Thats all i need!



Testing the GPS enable AT command, i'm getting this error:
read error: Resource temporarily unavailable

Below you could see my 3g/4g settings and the device is using internet from that

Does it happens because the serial port (/dev/ttyUSB2) is already being used?


Yes you would have to send all your AT commands before starting up the ppp connection, which is going to tie up the port.

Try disabling WAN then opening the ttyUSB ports with an interactive program like picocom.

Or use proto qmi (not 3g)

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I'm trying to kill the pppd process to stop the serial port running, but i can't kill the process. I kill it but it relives.

I'm listing the processes running on the USB serial port with the command:
lsof | grep USB2

wich outputs:

pppd 6604 root 8u CHR 188,2 0t0 804 /dev/ttyUSB2

then i kill the process with:

kill -9 6604 or killall pppd

Is there any way to stop the process and prevent it from relive?


Disable or remove it from /etc/config/network, then restart the networking.