Zabbix Proxy 5.0.1-2 - Database Issues


I'm running OpenWrt (SNAPSHOT r14955-a4d52522c7) on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I notice a new package for zabbix agent and proxy was released.

These packages create at /etc the conf files for both applications and at /etc/init.d only the zabbix_agentd service when installed.

I've set the conf files and a zabbix_proxy file on /etc/init.d for the service to come up on boot.

The proxy conf file is set to use SQLite (installed packages: sqlite3-cli, libsqlite3-0, python3-sqlite3).

The log shows something like it's related to a Postgre database (port number 5432).

The question is: Does it work with Sqlite3 or it only work with Postgres or MySQL?

Do I have to create it by myself and import the schema or it creates automatically?

Any help and thoughts are very welcome.


1596:20201126:131909.024 Starting Zabbix Proxy (active) [RPB-ROUTER]. Zabbix 5.0.1 (revision c2a0b03480).
1596:20201126:131909.025 **** Enabled features ****
1596:20201126:131909.025 SNMP monitoring: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 IPMI monitoring: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 Web monitoring: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 VMware monitoring: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 ODBC: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 SSH support: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 IPv6 support: YES
1596:20201126:131909.025 TLS support: NO
1596:20201126:131909.025 **************************
1596:20201126:131909.026 using configuration file: /etc/zabbix_proxy.conf
1596:20201126:131909.026 In zbx_load_modules()
1596:20201126:131909.026 End of zbx_load_modules():SUCCEED
1596:20201126:131909.027 In init_database_cache()
1596:20201126:131909.027 In zbx_mem_create() param:'HistoryCacheSize' size:16777216
1596:20201126:131909.027 valid user addresses: [0x7fba029168, 0x7fbb028ff0] total size: 16776840
1596:20201126:131909.027 End of zbx_mem_create()
1596:20201126:131909.027 In zbx_mem_create() param:'HistoryIndexCacheSize' size:4194304
1596:20201126:131909.027 valid user addresses: [0x7fb9c29178, 0x7fba028ff0] total size: 4193912
1596:20201126:131909.027 End of zbx_mem_create()
1596:20201126:131909.028 End of init_database_cache()
1596:20201126:131909.028 In init_configuration_cache() size:8388608
1596:20201126:131909.028 In zbx_mem_create() param:'CacheSize' size:8388608
1596:20201126:131909.028 valid user addresses: [0x7fb9429168, 0x7fb9c28ff0] total size: 8388232
1596:20201126:131909.028 End of zbx_mem_create()
1596:20201126:131909.029 End of init_configuration_cache()
1596:20201126:131909.029 In init_selfmon_collector()
1596:20201126:131909.029 init_selfmon_collector() size:8792
1596:20201126:131909.029 End of init_selfmon_collector() collector:0x7fbb1f7000
1596:20201126:131909.030 In zbx_db_get_database_type()
1596:20201126:131909.030 In DBconnect() flag:0
1596:20201126:131909.031 [Z3001] connection to database '/tmp/ramdisk/zabbix_proxy.db' failed: [0] could not connect to server: Connection refused
Is the server running on host "localhost" ( and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
could not connect to server: Connection refused

file /etc/init.d/zabbix_proxy

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
# Copyright (C) 2008-2011



start_service() {
        # Sometimes the proxy config was installed in /etc/zabbix/zabbix_proxy.conf
        [ -f /etc/zabbix/zabbix_proxy.conf ] && mv /etc/zabbix/zabbix_proxy.conf ${CONFIG}

        [ -f ${CONFIG} ] || return 1

        procd_set_param command ${PROG} -c ${CONFIG} -f
        procd_set_param respawn
        procd_set_param stdout 1
        procd_set_param stderr 1

hi,I'm sorry to bother you. I also encountered this problem. Have you solved it?


Hello there brother, how are you doing?

Unfortunatelly I could not solve it. I guess I didin't go further for schedule reasons and maybe because I didin't want to lift a database (mysql or postgres) on a SD Card (too risky). With SQLite you can deploy on Ram (as I did), but as far as I remember, OpenWRT could not manage to find it on mounted '/tmp/ramdisk'. I have proxies running o Raspberry with Ubuntu that way and it works flawless.

For my project I left it only with a Zabbix Agent. It connects to my Zabbix Server through VPN and it attended what I needed.