Young padawan is looking for Master Jedi to help to setup his OpenWrt


I am new to OpenWRT and I am a bit lost in the config. I have a strong background in computer science but 0 knowledge in networks.

I would like to book a 2 or 4 hours time lesson with someone who knows very well OpenWRT and the network concepts behind. I am of course willing to pay for this service and we can discuss this matter in private.

My setup is quite simple :
I have a modem from my ISP (Orange Fiber Livebox) and I want to intercalate a LinkSys WRT3200ACM between this ISP modem and my phones / computer / NAS.
My biggest challenges are :

  • Run a VPN client on OpwenWRT, with a kill switch.
  • Avoid DNS leaks which I am not able to prevent atm
  • Configure a child protection DNS for my daughter devices
  • Secure the all installation with pertinent firewall rules.

Of course I know that I could maybe use an easier tool than OpenWRT for such needs, but I really want to get better in this.

Thank you in advance,

Hello, I can help with that (but not for free). Please contact me via email:

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