YouHua WR1200JS serial port update

Flashing OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc1 over 19.07.7 gave a warning then network ports stopped working after reboot (no Rx packets).

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The 4 pin serial port is in the middle of the board.
Serial: 115200 8N1
Serial connection parameters: Coding UTF-8m (receive) Tera Term
PCB Prolific
Pin Wire
1 RED 3.3V (Not used square pin)

Recovered with BREED bootloader (through serial console interrupt) on .
Reverted back to 19.07.7 successfully.

I have created a devicepage and added this information.

Would be great if you could upload a picture of the PCB and the serial port.

J4 is the serial port. PCB photo failed to upload (3.3MB/4MB limit).

Does the same happen when you shrink the image?

I can shrink the image. Charging the old camera's flat lithium battery, instead of cellphone photo.

Ifranview shrunk the image to 517KB.

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