YAMon Router & Firmware Stats

YAMon is an add-on that provides per device traffic monitoring. (See http://usage-monitoring.com for more info.)

In YAMon 3.3.5, I added a new file named router.js that contains your router model and firmware version (by default, router.js is created in /opt/YAMon3/www/js/). In the reports, I asked if you'd be willing to share this info with me... again, I stress for information purposes only.

So far, 400+ people have submitted their info (thanks!!!) and here are the current results:

Today, my main router is a Turris Omnia and for testing & development purposes, I have an Asus RT-AC56U (LEDE) and TP-Link Archer C9 (DD-WRT) ... In the past, I've used LinkSys/Cisco (E3000 & E4200) routers and a couple of others which I've forgotten. I don't think I've ever used anything from NetGear.

I'm not surprised that 70+% respondents are using DD-WRT... because that's where YAMon got started 4+ years ago. I'm hoping to increase the number of LEDE/OpenWrt users soon :-). I'm a little surprised by the number of GNU/Linux entries.

It'll be interesting to see how the numbers change over time.