XZ-compressed data is corrupt on x86/64 19.07.3

This is my first time attempting to use OpenWrt, but I'm familiar with flashing images with dd.

GRUB works fine, but selecting either OpenWrt or the failsafe option, I get XZ-compressed data is corrupt; the following is the error output in verbatim:

early console in extract_kernel
input_data: 0x00000000020443b4
input_len: 0x0000000000391d8c
output: 0x0000000001000000
output_len: 0x00000000013b1918
kernel_total_size: 0x0000000001040000

Decompressing Linux...

XZ-compressed data is corrupt

-- System halted

As I mentioned earlier, this is the first time I'm trying out OpenWrt. I'm guessing it might be possibly due to this specific version of the image, so I'll go ahead and try them. Please reply if there anything else I might try.

For context, this is not the UEFI image; I'm trying to either make OpenWrt run either bare metal on a laptop or within systemd-nspawn container (which can run raw image that I used to flash drives for bare metal). As a side note, the systemd-nspawn route also have failed. As for bare metal, I've tried on two separate laptop with the same image flashed on a USB stick with same results.

This is an issue with combined-squashfs image alone; combined-ext4 runs as expected.

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