XR500 fiber openwrt

Hi everyone, I'm here to find out about the xr500 under open wrt, and what would be the best possible configuration, I've already been able to test quite a few things on it, just to see if I haven't forgotten anything to test, so far from being a novice at it.
for your information, I'm on FTTH fiber with Bouygues Telecom
I'm hoping to find someone I can talk to

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je viens ici pour une recherche d'information concernant le xr500 sous open wrt, et qu'elle serrait la meilleure configuration possible, j'ai déjà pu tester pas mal de choses là-dessus, juste pour voir si je n'ai pas oublié des choses à tester donc loin d'être un novice dedans
pour information, je suis en fibre FTTH chez Bouygues Telecom
j'espère trouver quelqu'un avec qui je pourrais échanger

I assume you are talking about the Netgear XR500? And you have loaded OpenWrt 23.05.2 on it?

Since your post does not contain any question, I do not know what kind of response you are expecting?

yes i talk about xr500 by Netgear ,thanks for you're fast answer and i loaded the last firmware 25.05.03 i remember not many changes between this 2 version, yes and no i asking for the best configurations possible like if i use cakee script ,qosify, sqm, Dscp , classify ,software offloading,packet sterring etc you see?
and if i miss something i hope find them
For information i have a gigabit connection 1000down /700up
i post today because i re flash open wrt on my modem and i would Like some view to other people

The XR isn't powerful enough to deliver at those speeds.

yes i know its impossible to had more 140 MB with sqm but i support 950 MB with software offloading
and with packet steering and irq i have 900 MB no qos on both

i know for this speed we had to use x86 and i doesn't if you can respond to this but I have raspberry pi 4it can be on it ? I Wondering

i just asking who is the best config possible with this
i have a ont by the way It's possible for me to drop FAI Modem away an connect directly to the xr 500
by the way you dont answer and just expose facts that i know -_-@frollic

Nobody here is a mind reader and knows what you know. Your first post did neither contain a question nor relevant information - not even the manufacturer name.

If you ask a proper question, people here are happy to answer. And please edit your previous post with proper punctuation, it's hard to read if there is no indication of any kind.

This always depends on your individual situation, there is no best possible configuration. Often, you won't need SQM on Gigabit-links, but if the line is unstable, it might be beneficial to shape it down to a lower speed - but, as already mentioned, not with the XR500.

The Pi4 only has one Ethernet port, so you will need a second, probably USB-based, Ethernet adapter. And the built-in WiFi cannot be seriously used as an AP.

What is an FAI modem? ISP modem?


Yes, I know, but I'm saying that I'm not new to OpenWrt, which implies that I have a minimum of knowledge, but I've asked for the best configurations and talked about what works best.

what information you want i say im on xr500 it is only modem like this? an antoher topic talk about xr500 the brand [netgear] never mentioned its useless.

ok thanks for the responses to the pi4.

andd yes FAI = ISP.

if u'are interested i want the less ping and the better hit registration possible for call of duty principally.

You might look into NSS builds

I've just installed it, do you have any advice on what to do with it?
and is nss plus sqm possible? @egc

I am not using it myself so cannot give any advice about it

okay okay no problem i search by my self thanks for that

i test it and i have a result i never had before
i swear don't talk i you don't know xr500 is very good for gigabit connection
pictures talk more than word

nss with noo sqm

Hello Shunk. This can work for you :wink: Help me update my HFSC shaper scripts for fw4/nftables - #467 by Hudra

Thanks for this I will try that
But what is the difference between the normal qos and software with NSS function

And that’s the last question I have
What do you use in xr 500 you use
Irq balance +packet steering
Just irq balance or just packet steering
And we should use a snap shot or a stable version ?

I have a Linksys x32. Your router is more powerful than mine as it has a better CPU, I suspect it will be able to support SQM at those speeds.

It's a matter of trying, which one works for your device. In my case I only use Irq balance.

I recommend that you read the instructions and follow the steps to follow.