XL2TPD package needed

Hi, new install on my wrt1900acs router of 17.01.4 and I need to L2TP protocol to connect to my isp but when I try to configure the wan port luci tells me I need to install the package Xl2tpd! I found it on github but can’t download the it.... there are several files and folders. I need to get these using my phone so I can transfer the files down to my laptop and push them up to my router!

Anyone around who has done this who can help me do this?

Any help is much appreciated....

XL2TPD is available for LEDE:

opkg update
opkg install xl2tpd

Thanks Tmomas,
That’s where I found the link to the source code but I need to download the darn thing and load it using luci

What happens if you do as instructed?

Or via Luci:
Update package lists
Search for xl2tpd
Install xl2tpd

Ok but my network is Dow and I can only get on the internet via my phone

And my phone doesn’t get a link to download the package

See https://lede-project.org/docs/instructionset/arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3 for package downloads.

Sounds easy until you can’t get to the internet

You have internet access via phone, so what is the problem with downloading the package?

I must be missing it?

Shows but doesn’t let me download the package!

I was thinking of copying and pasting to several files and renaming them accordingly

The arm page you sent has a nice and neat link for http or ftp download but the Xl2tpd page doesn’t give me a link to download!

Is the arm page the package for my hardware set?

Okay I finally got the file on my pc and need to use luci to locate and upload the file... using the system/packages page how do I go about uploading the ipk file?

Tmomas are you still there?

Opkg update? Is that a Linux command?

You can't use LuCI. You can only use LuCI if you're installing packages from the repository via the GUI.

For other ways to install an IPK without Internet connectivity, see: Package Update

Yes...actually, opkg is LEDE's package manager. This is why it was suggested you install the package this way. You may want to read up on LEDE and opkg: https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/opkg

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opkg