Package Update

I’ve downloaded a package on a system which can not connect to the internet and want to load it on the router. I’ve got Putty running but don’t know how to load the image from my pc to the router? Do I copy the file onto a flash and then to the router?

You actually need other packages installed for SSH File Copy or USB drives to work; but you don't have an Internet connection...

Another option is to setup a local HTTP server and transfer the file by via wget command.

You should be able to ssh in your router, scp the the file into /tmp, and use opkg to install. Dependencies may be an issue depending on the package.

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Connect the PC to the router via Ethernet or wifi; neither needs to be connected to the Internet.

Use scp to push the file to the router's /tmp directory:

scp FILENAME.ipk root@ROUTER_IP:/tmp

Then ssh to the router, cd to /tmp and run opkg to install it.

If it complains about missing dependencies, repeat the process with the dependent packages (and their dependents, and so on...)

If you have Putty set up and can connect to your router, you don't need additional software to transfer files to your router. You can do this over the command line using the program pscp. Simply open a command line window and type:
pscp -i "C:\Path\to\your\ssh-keyfile.ppk" -scp "C:\Path\to\the\package.ipk" root@

Note: This is supposed to be without line breaks!

Just replace the first path with the location of your Putty private key file (.ppk), the second path with the location of your package and the ip address with the address of your router. Then the package should be copied to the /tmp/ folder on your router. Afterwards log in to your router via putty and install the package file with opkg.