XL2TPD (L2TP) is not available in MT7621

I'm using ZBT WE 1326 BKC, I'm trying to build a firmware with L2TP support. But it seems there is no option to add L2TP on this router.

How can I use L2TP on it?

How are you trying to add it? Xl2tpd is on every target.

I'm trying to build using OpenWRT SDK. Even I tried from Luci to install it. When I search for it, I don't see any package.
I tried it on Gl-MT300N which sub-target is MT7620, I saw L2TP was there.

What do you call OpenWRT SDK? If you build an image from source, you can add xl2tpd in make menuconfig.

It is in Network->VPN

Strange!! Yesterday night I didn't saw that now I found it !

By the way, Where can I find CloudFlare DDNS in SDK?

You can use search in menuconfig.

And search is accessed by hitting the forward slash, then typing your search word(s).


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