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Hello everyone, I have a small repeater of Xiaomi and that is Wifi 300mbps. The problem is that the management software of this device does not like all the XIOMI devices, that is that you have to install an application for management because even when there is no web interface. Unbelievably disgusting. Also it does not even have a LAN port to be able to interface in some way and unfortunately I do not even know the hardware that mounts. I could open it but I risk splitting everything without having to screw everything in place. So my question is this: In a device like this there is the possibility to install OpenWrt?

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Before tearing into it, searching for any documentation on what is inside (chips, serial port, ...) would be my suggestion. Those are needed to answer any better than, "Yes, looks like a router and since we don't know that one can't install OpenWrt on it, there is a possibility that one can."

I looked around and it seems that there is not much information on the hardware contained. The only possible way would be to open it and take some pictures.

Did you manage to change the device system?

That repeater is a just a piece junk in context of OpenWrt:

But as a simple repeater it does the job.

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Indeed, this device is a hard no-go for OpenWrt - the checkmark for MT7628KN is actually overly enthusiastic, as this SOC is the culprit for the ridiculous amounts of flash/ RAM (as they're part of the SOC, part of the main chip).

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Ohh, didn't know that.

It was interesting to read on the WikiDevi that the RAM chip is the MTK SoC! :upside_down_face:

RAM1: 8 MiB (MediaTek MT7628KN)

That makes it attractive to the manufacturers, it's a single chip SOC; CPU, wireless, RAM all in one chip. As a result only very few pins to solder, very easy/ cheap PCB design (very few layers, probably only two, front/ back) - barely any additional components to add aside from spi-nor flash (if you look at the PCB pictures, all components aside from the SOC are PSU/ voltage regulation related, plus very few resistors and capacitors (very, very few)).


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