Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G - Power Supply (EU)

I recently bought the Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G online. Unfortunately a few days late I noticed that the included power charger (12V/1.5A) is for the U.S. market only and the EU version seems to be very rare. :thinking:

Do you have any recommendations and/or alternatives? On the web I could not find any information about the barrel power connector of the original power supply. What part number is on the original power charger or which ones are you using? I'm not a big fan of the so called travel adapter(s). My delivery will arrive in March, so no hurry. :slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings from Germany!

I ordered the European one and I got a PSU with a US plug and a simple adapter. You'll be no worse off if you buy a quality travel adapter yourself.

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The psu is universal, just get a simple adapter. (Rectangular pins to round)

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That's a pretty common combination for various devices, maybe you already have a device with those values (1.5A - 2A), proper polarization and a matching barrel plug you can borrow the PSU from (otherwise getting a full matching PSU might be around the same price as a travel adaptor).

I glued the plastic parts of the US / EU adapter with cyanoite

This can be a "gotcha" as the typical 5.5 mm OD plugs can have either a 2.1 mm or a 2.5 mm center pin. A 2.5 mm plug in a 2.1 mm socket will fit, but you'll likely have more than one "mysterious reboot" as a result.

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