Xiaomi Router 6500 Pro

Hi all. I purchased a Xiaomi Router 6500 Pro and am very dissatisfied with their firmware. I didn’t find OpenWRT for it, is there a release planned? If not, then with your help I would take part in the development of the firmware as a tester.

There's never a plan.


I'm not very strong in the concepts that are mentioned there, one thing I realized is that there is no kernel for the Qualcomm IPQ5322 platform. Ssh does not work, most likely it is blocked in the native firmware. The instructions given here https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/add.new.platform are not clear to me.

then it's a dead end, until it's been added.

You need to roll back to the earliest firmware and use the XMiR-Patcher utility

After this operation, wifi stopped working and rebooting did not help. Resetting to factory settings only helped

So first you need to roll back to version 1.0.46

I apologize for not answering for a long time. I needed GRE and my own static DNS records, and by using a local server running my sites I solved this problem. There is no more time for experiments. I can’t stop my resources for a long time... Thank you for your understanding. Perhaps in the future, when there is ready-made firmware with debugged instructions, I will switch to OpenWRT.