Xiaomi Router 3G questions

I read this tut: https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/mir3g
And if i am not wrong, i should do this to install openwrt()my english is not perfect so sorry for a lot of questions:


For installation via ssh, it needs to be enabled first. The following steps are based on this forum post and this post from Reddit.

  1. Setup the router and install a dev firmware, for example http://bigota.miwifi.com/xiaoqiang/rom/r3g/miwifi_r3g_firmware_c2175_2.25.122.bin
  2. Install the Mi Wi-Fi app on a phone or tablet. (Android | there is also an iOS app)
  3. Open the app and connect your router. Also sign in to link that router to your account. The router should be detected assuming you are connected to its WiFi and the router is connected to the internet. It might also work without that. You also might get an error message when trying to connect the router stating that the device is no Mi Router. In that case using an older version of the app from pages like https://apkmirror.com will probably help.
  4. On a PC, visit https://d.miwifi.com/rom/ssh and sign-in to your account. It is important to have the https version. It might get switched to http and show an error. Changing that to https again should make the page load again. This is also the case for all clicks on that website, for example the download link will also probably only work if changing manually to https after getting an error.
  5. After login, a page with your router, root password for SSH access and a download button should be displayed. Press the download button to download the miwifi_ssh.bin file.
  6. Format a USB drive with FAT / FAT32 and copy the downloaded miwifi_ssh.bin to it.
  7. Shut down the router (unplug it) and put the USB drive in. Now you have to hold down the reset button of the router (use a paper-clip for example) while powering the router on (plugging the power cable in). Continue holding the button until you see the yellow LED start to flash. This might take a while (about 15 seconds). Now you can release the button. The router will reboot soon. Afterwards you should have SSH access.
  8. Login to the router using SSH with root as username and the root password that is displayed on https://d.miwifi.com/rom/ssh.

Actual installation via SSH:

  1. Copy openwrt-ramips-mt7621-mir3g-squashfs-kernel1.bin and openwrt-ramips-mt7621-mir3g-squashfs-rootfs0.bin optained from the OpenWrt download site to a USB drive or wget it directly via SSH to a location ( /tmp for example) on the router
  2. Switch to /extdisks/sda1/ (if copied to an USB drive) or to the folder on the router like /tmp if downloaded directly on the router
  3. Run mtd write openwrt-18.06.2-ramips-mt7621-mir3g-squashfs-kernel1.bin kernel1
  4. Run mtd write openwrt-18.06.2-ramips-mt7621-mir3g-squashfs-rootfs0.bin rootfs0
  5. Run nvram set flag_try_sys1_failed=1
  6. Run nvram commit
  7. Run reboot

But i am not sure about this part:

  1. Login to the router using SSH with root as username and the root password that is displayed on https://d.miwifi.com/rom/ssh.

Where to login?