Xiaomi/Redmi Router WIFI "MI" logo

Can't decide if this is correct location to ask..

I wonder that, with original firmware, my Xiaomi MIR3G router (and all other original MI firmware routers) shows "MI" logo on wifi network if you scan it with Xiaomi phone... Menu also indicate if it's "5G" signal or "2.4G/5G" mixed signal...
But after installing OpenWRT firmware on it, MI logo disappears near WiFi name anymore.

Does original MI firmware alter the beacon frame somehow?
How phone recognize that if that is Xiaomi/Redmi WiFi node or not without connecting them?


It probably just uses the MAC prefix to know the vendor

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Issue is, after installing OpenWRT, MI icon disappears...
Does installing OpenWRT changes the MAC address?
I don't think so...

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No, I don't think if this is emoji in the SSID name.
If it is, other phones need to show it also.
This only appears at Xiaomi phones.
Also scan from my linux computer doesn't show it any emoji in SSID either...

After detailed research, I found.

It's Beacon frames Information Element .
Some user ask here also...

Now, we need to find how to inject that info into beacon frame...

Edit: Found some info about it in this page.

I just copy the string from another MI router and add it into wireless config.

option vendor_elements 'DD800050F.....................'

and viola!
the "MI" logo that doesn't appear on "DeathNet 5G" is start to shown again!

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Why don't OpenWRT add an option like this:
97a29b1f023b8d215f86903ef691dc94_Beacon advertising

So we easily add our routers info into beacon frame.

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