Include vendor information elements in beacon (R7800)

Most APs send some information with their beacon with ID=221 which is the vendor specific information element (see: Most often I see "router model" and "router name" subtypes. LEDE aka OpenWrt is sending "OpenWrt" as "hostname". I learned something from here:

These scripts run without error on my R7800, but the beacon did not change. I would like to change the beacon vendor info. Remove hostname=OpenWrt and send router model etc.
with my R7800. How to do it??

Or will this become an feature request to the developers?

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Do you mean the wps_device_name option by change? It's set to "OpenWrt AP" by default. But you can change it to almost anything you want, just follow the documentation on:

(this will probably require the wpad-full/hostapd-full package)

Found solution.
Just add your vendor info as :
option vendor_elements 'DD800050F.....................'

At least, my telephone saw my router as a MI router again.