Xiaomi Redmi AC2100 announced - 802.11ac, 128MB ram, 128MB rom, MT7621A, 1 x gigabit wan + 3 x gigabit lan, 6 antennas - $48



JDCloud router is better and cheaper than this - with 128GB (!) eMMC

do you have a link?

One of the more important questions is: how easy will it be to get OpenWrt loaded onto it. The Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3Gv2 & R4A Gigabit have a locked bootloader so you need an SPI programmer with these...

Let's hope it's not Xiaomi's new policy.

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It's China-only it seems.

The device is available on AliExpress for less than 40 USD including delivery. The Mi Router 3G has more RAM, but this appears to have better wireless performance. Would be good if we can get OpenWRT running on this device.

It has no USB port. I'm guessing the 5 GHz radio is a MT7615. There's a very similar model the Mi AC2100 which has a canister shaped case and internal antennas.

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Looks like MT7621AT (M15T1G1664A memory) with MT7615N + MT7603EN

Source: https://www.acwifi.net/8939.html

Could you tell which router you mean, any information?

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I was referring to the one named by fellow lga, the JD cloud

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Seems pretty expensive, there are many options in market cheaper than it with same specifications.

It's China-only afaik. The emmc apparently isn't even used.
Here's a teardown https://www.acwifi.net/8839.html
It's $33

Which are the other options available for cheaper? I am looking for a new device.

I'm like you, in the end I think I'll throw for the netgear r7800, it's not cheap ...

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This device looks very promising. There's also a teardown: http://www.qsswds.com/pingce/93.html

The intention of this topic is unclear and now attracting questions like "Which device should I buy".

  • If you want to add support for this device, please open a new topic "Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi Redmi AC2100"
  • If you are searching for a device to buy, please open a new topic, clearly stating your usecase and your requirements

Thanks for your understanding.

The intention was to let people know of a router with 6 antennas with decent specs at a low price.

There's a constant release of these similar but slightly different MT7621 + MT7603 + MT7615 routers but they aren't found in ordinary retail channels outside China, and some aren't even on the China / Hong Kong export sites. Often by the time one is in the hands of a developer and gets supported, it has been discontinued from new sales and you have to scrounge for a used one or some old warehouse stock. So I'm not getting too excited about them.


Please can you Add OpenWrt support for Xiaomi Redmi AC2100?
I have it, I use it, but there are very few setting. For example I can not find how to change the channels for any band. Some devices can see the 5G others cant. S7 can not, A52017 can. Weird since S7 it is better.
Can not add open dns, can not find the option....
As far as performance goes, it is a little better than tp link ac1200...longer range for 5G...