Xiaomi R3P no wifi on boot?

Hi everyone,
Today I've installed Openwrt on my Xiaomi Router, however I'm struggling to automatically bring up on boot the wifi.

I've correctly installed Luci, checked the wireless drivers, setup a working encrypted WiFi and switched to '0' the /etc/config/network disable options for all the interaces.

I can correctly start the WiFi using the ssh "WiFi" command, however for reasons that I don't quite understand, the WiFi doesn't come alive automatically after boot.

Any idea of what I'm missing?
Thanks a lot!

Possible offending commit: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/81764319637f408623ed9f4bae3f0d149b010f07


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I honestly have no idea of what that truly means but I'll assume it is something related to the WLAN driver not working correctly.

Thanks a lot for the support, I'll probably revert to stock.


I mean because of the async probing, WiFi driver is not yet loaded while OpenWrt is trying to enable WiFi at boot.

Possible solution:
edit /etc/modules.d/mt7615e, remove the async_probe

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Thanks, I was having the same problem, It worked for me..

Great! It's working, I'm back =D Thanks a lot!

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