Xiaomi r3p flash not possible

So another day another router this time the Xiaomi router 3 pro.
I've followed the guide on the wiki but I'm unable to get the miwifi app to recognize the router. I was unsure whether the dev firmware on the wiki was too out of date for the app but even new firmware gets me nowhere.
I've reset the router multiple times, reinstalled the app, cleared the app cache and set the location to China mainland.

I can't serial in currently as it seems I've broken my usb/TTL when I bricked the Comfast ap yesterday.

Anyone have any suggestions or possibly a link to the latest firmware?
Not sure it makes a difference but the router is behind a opnsense firewall could that be blocking the app?

Links to current firmware for a device can be found on the hardware data page -

Check the git-commit section for installation info -


Ty managed to get it working via installing the most recent Taiwan global firmware then got the miwifi app installed. Back tracked to Dev firmware and followed the wiki.

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