Xiaomi R3G SSH problem

1 - I have connected a TTL ( 2 * models ) and i have signal out by i have no input in the console

2 - i have flashed with miwifi_r3g_firmware_c2175_2.25.122.bin and i cannot SSH with Putty

normal ?

Have you obtained and flashed the miwifi_ssh.bin file as well as described in Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G ?

Note that there there is a lot of trouble with the ssh url. I don't remember the details but I think it's something about changing the URL to or from https.

I have and account but i cannot find the ssh product file …

WIFI box is online :
i connect to Xiaomi site Mycomputer-> XIAOMI R3G -> My_Router-> Internet -> https:...

Did you do step 9, signing up through the app using Wifi first? That's what's supposed to create an account with your device listed.

Chinese pages ???


Yes, then you're on the right track. There are descriptions to what you need somewhere in the thread I linked.

[it would be even if the file was downloadable
a question: is the file the same as another box (I got 4 this morning)?

No product in web page ???

I search a full content of the EEPROM for replace original 32 pins flash memory with a little 8 pins SPI flash