Xiaomi R3G slow samba transfer speed

Hello folks,

my issue is, when writing files to my Samba HDD im getting 6.5 MB/s speed which is hilarious.


These are my hdparm benchmark results.

My pc is connected to router directly with cat 6 cable, i have the gigabit version of this router.

how i can solve this issue?

That is roughly in line with my expectations for this hardware. 2*880 MHz mips 24Kc aren't a race horse and the SOC hasn't been designed with block storage uses in mind (and samba adds a considerable overhead on top).

Try this:


well i checked usage from htop, it was rougly about %30 on total while writing. im not expecting full write speed but atleast 20 30 would be nice.

also, i think it bottlenecks my torrent download speed too, because while i tryed to download torrent from my router it barely passed 3.5 mb/s on 100mbit net

ill reply back after trying it

i did installed all packages listed there, still my write speeds are slow.
6-7 mb/s is a joke for 2021

What version of firmware are you running?

OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72

Hello, I just checked USB transfer on an Intel i5 machine between SSD and a generic USB2 drive. It averages between 5 to 10MB/sec, so it seems normal for most USB2 transfers.

I guess unless you've got a premium USB2 device, that's it.


it's a usb3 port, and OP gets 110MB/s testing local transfers.

I guess there are a lot of troubleshooting just to pin point where the bottle neck is:

1)Does local transfer test of hdparm pass data through the USB port?
2)Have additional transfer testings other than hdparm been done on the router?
3)Which one of USB2 or USB3 mode is enabled?
4)How about testings between Samba on the router's memory and PC?
5)How about straight FTP/SCP/HTTP/iperf transfers just between router<>PC, HD<>router<>PC?
6)How about switching to another Samba package?

In summary, to find out the bottleneck I would stress test every single piece of software, and hardware link in the chain if I was the OP.

I fully agree, but your 2nd last post was not helpful.
You could have asked him if he had rebooted the microwave oven, equally relevant :wink:

It is uncertain that :

1)The OP's HD has USB3 enabled
2)While I'm not familiar with hdparm, it remains a question if it can truly measure the USB connection speed.

It may just measure the HD speed between its own internal buffers. The insane speed of over 100MB/sec is not quit possible even on a top end PC with premium USB3 devices.

I concur, again :wink:

But the hdparm, assuming it's a good tool for this kind of tests, would proof it is.
I'd, however use dd instead of hdparm.

OP haven't posted what's on the other end of the USB3 cable, it might be a RAID case.
But getting 130MB/s writes shouldn't be impossible, at least from a SATA point of view
(and NVMe's a lot faster), if the writes are spread out across several storage devices.

I max out my soft (2x SATA) RAID0 and (3x SATA) RAID5 at about that same speed, over LAN.
It might however just as well be the shitty Realtek 2.5GBit NIC, that's keeping me from achieving
better throughput in Windows.

im not using raid fellas, i have a USB 3.0 WD HDD 1 TB



these are just some tests i have done with my workstations USB 3.0 port.


i have this with USB 3.0, also have w/r test of the device on the post above.

  1. i dont think so, but device is capable to achieve those speeds, i even put a test screenshot there.
  2. nope, not with tools atleast.
  3. idk where to check that but i think its 2.0, i also read that there is a problem with usb 3.0 with xiaomi routers on 2.4 ghz band, well im mostly using 5.0 but idk if that issue still persist, if anyone knows about it i would be glad.
  4. idk how to do that and idk what it will prove?
  5. FTP:



  1. well i used samba 3 before, now its samba 4 i have similar speeds.

AFAIK the 2.4GHz USB3 issue is because of interference.
You could try to disable the wifi while you test, but I think the problem is on the wifi side, not USB.

Btw, No time to Die it a bad movie, perhaps that's the reason why your transfers are so slow :stuck_out_tongue:

well i barely use 2.4G, i got also an AP broadcasting with same channel and same ssid with 2.4 and 5g bands, most of my devices support 5g.

i think i need to force 3.0 driver somehow but dunno how to do that.

edit: well i liked the movie but story was simple, spectre and skyfall were way better