Xiaomi mini MT7612EN on 2.4 GHz

The device has On-board chip: MT7612EN. It is dial-band.
Is it possible to get it work on 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz.
Maybe some wireless firmware patching can be done?

Is this your device

According to that page, the device has "two radios (one SoC-based 2.4 GHz 802.11bgn and one PCI-based MT7612EN 2.4/5GHz 802.11abgnac, wired on 5GHz only, both 2×2 MiMo)".

So unless there is an issue with the driver of the SoC radio, you should have it working for 2.4 GHz, but the MT7612EN radio can work on 5 GHz only, as that's how it's wired.

Why would you need both radios working on 2.4 GHz?

If for the matter of range, you could try using N for 5 GHz and see if it improves penetrating.

I have a problem with the onboard 2.4 MT7620 radio.

If that is accurate then I don't imagine software can alter it.

That's sad. 2.4 wireless is unusable on current Openwrt.

I could be mistaken. Maybe there is a way?

But the device page says nothing about the 2.4 GHz radio being unusable!

There are a few topics complaining about MT7620A.
There may be a way. I don't think it is a "wiring" problem. Most likele 2.4 is disabled in firmware. I used to change it for some QCA devices.

yes, but you will get few meters range at most

Why? I don't need much range, 15 meters would be OK.

Do you think your patch may help?

The problem here is that the analogue components of the rf chain (and the antennas) are only tuned to the 5 GHz band, if forced to 2.4 GHz they are running out of their specifications (which might even damage the device permanently). A result of this are bad reception and range (both directions) and probably not achieving full performance, because its out of tune. 15 metres indoor range, with walls, ceilings and other obstacles in the way is not a short range at all, even with a good WLAN AP you are scratching at the limits there, with a 5 GHz-only radio forced to 2.4 GHz the results aren't very likely to be usable over that distance.

On a legal side you probably also violate the devices FCC/ ETSI certification by running it out of its specified/ tested parameters.


yes it would be, but don't hope for anything more than 3-5m. there is no any special patch. just need to remove band limit from DTS eeprom section for 5GHz wlan

I meant your patch to fix the 2.4 band on MT7620. But now I see it is not that simple.

if you are running latest snapshots there should be no problems on mt7620 2.4 band

But I do have problems. 2.4 is unusable with USB modem. Spead is about 1-2 mbps and unstable.

This could be a very basic EMC issue since cellular modems have a fairly powerful radio transmitter that may operate close to 2.4 GHz.

Try a USB extension cord on the modem rather than plugging it in right next to the wifi antennas.

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It doesn't affect other routers. I have an extension and will try it when get to the device.

Hi I have the same router and I can't enable the wireless AC on my router. I can enable it, but there's no wifi signal coming out of it. I know as I set different SSID to the Wifi AC. Any help would be appreciated.