Xiaomi MI WIFI Router 3G - How to get from OpenWrt to Padavan

Hi, could you please tell me how to get from bricked OpenWRT to Padavan?

You probably have to use serial recovery to get back to the original firmware, and then install Padavan.

I have now a connection via SSH to the Router. But always get:

root@(none):/rom/root# firstboot

This will erase all settings and remove any installed packages. Are you sure? [N/y]


/dev/ubi0_1 is not mounted

/dev/ubi0_1 will be erased on next mount

writing /dev/ubi0_1 failed: Bad file descriptor

Nothing is working, no soft or hard reset. How can I get back to stock xiaomi?

Search for messages describing it in Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G

Hi, I have now managed to get OpenWRT running , so now I have access to full SSH also.

Is it now possible to get to Padavan?

I think you still have to install the stock firmware first.

I would suggest the Padavan support resources or a search of the Internet.

One result that came up using Google was https://www.reddit.com/r/Xiaomi/comments/5d0wmx/guide_how_to_install_padavan_custom_firmware_on/ Another might be https://bitbucket.org/padavan/rt-n56u I will not state that either of these are trustworthy or correct.

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I dont have a backup of stock. How can I get back to stock from OpenWRT? I know I will google it :wink:
Thx for answers.

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Install the stock firmware first.

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To get back to stock from OpenWRT:

1 - Intert a FAT/FAT32 formated usb stick with only the stock firmware renamed to miwifi.bin
1 - SSH into router.
2 . run: fw_setenv flag_try_sys2_failed 1
3. run: reboot
4 - The router will reboot into system 1 (stock basic kernel)
5 - When the system LED starts blinking red, press and hold the reset button for around 1 second. Status LED will turn yellow during recovery and blue when recovery complete.

(adapted from OpenWRT wiki).

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Hi @dedraks

I found the padavan .trx file to install it on my 3g router. My question is: Is there any method of installation that can be done by putty, without the need to use prometheus and a virtual machine?
Do you know of any link or guide to perform this installation via putty ?


If your router is running stock fw you can install padavan via putty.


Where can I find a guide to perform the installation?
the ones I found, they all use prometheus

in my xiaomi mini I use pandorabox.bin as a base to then install padavan, but in the router 3g I am not clear about the installation steps

someone knows a guide to install padavan via putty, without having to use prometheus