Xiaomi Mi Router 4C, MAC, WIFI stability

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C change last symbol for MAC address on WAN interface.
I have to spend time to change it to default as my provider uses MAC white list.

Also I was dissapointed by wifi stability and speed
looks like some firmware is missing.
after I installed some extra kmod-mt76 driver and iw instead of iw-mini it baecame better.
but still it's not perfect

Are you asking a question?

I want it to be fixed.
MAC is a real problem.

Also WIFi is ok for short time range but it may interrapts time to time, may be stack for several seconds time to time or even stop working at all.

Have to return to stock firmware for now which is based on OpenWRT 12.01

I think wifi BIN is missing for this platform.

mt7628.eeprom.bin i found in a firmware together with some scripts, but I do not know how to add it to be able to use in latest OpenWRT firmware

folder from router
more files from stock including boot log
PS. I missed some file from original firmware:

do_prepare_eeprom() {
	# fix eeprom file for R4CM hardware ver B
	hwver=`gpio 5 | cut -b 11`
	[ "$hwver" = "1" ] || return 0

	path=`readlink /etc/Wireless/mt7628/mt7628.eeprom.bin`
	[ "$path" = "/lib/wifi/mt7628_verb.eeprom.bin" ] && return 0

	#fix up
	rm -f /etc/Wireless/mt7628/mt7628.eeprom.bin
	ln -s /lib/wifi/mt7628_verb.eeprom.bin /etc/Wireless/mt7628/mt7628.eeprom.bin
	return 0

boot_hook_add preinit_main do_prepare_eeprom

Hi, please check the code in Flash, in mtdblocks:

"factory" partition = mt7628 eeprom, no change after you flashed openwrt.
"firmware" partition = OS1 of xiaomi4c, all openwrt firmware in here.

openwrt should get the MAC address from "factory" block, offset 0x04.

Someone said the MTK original mt76 wifi driver for mt7628(old, V., better than openwrt mt76 driver (v18.06). I donot know the newest openwrt mt76 driver is improved or not on your problem, it changed alot.

it's strange.
I can not find in code where wan mac is incremented by 1 ...

Also what shell I do to improve audio / video viber or telegram communication with openwrt wifi connection? works better with stock firmware or on 4G mobile then with openwrt

wan mac is incremented by 1:

Ther are two groups MACs in "factory", one is in offset 0x28, Lan port use this.

The other is in offset 0x04, and Wan port use it, which is the offset 0x28 MAC +1 in flash, not +1 by code.
in file \target\linux\ramips\mt76x8\base-files\etc\board.d\02_network:


		wan_mac=$(mtd_get_mac_binary factory 0x4)

About audio/video, I donot know. Maybe you need a faster MCU router, likes xiaomi 4A gigabit. Double the cost.