Xiaomi Mi Router 3G: WiFi-Clients no internet after some time

Hi, I am using the following device and firmware:

Model: Xiaomi Mi Router 3G
Firmware Version: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r8210-031c31c
Installed extra packages: luci and adblock

Normally I have internet connection on both Ethernet and WiFi. But after some time (sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes after hours) the clients connected over WiFi loose their internet connection. WiFi signal is still there, just internet pages aren't loading anymore. A quick WiFi off/on on the clients or a router reboot helps for some time. The problem is occurring on Android and iOS mobile devices. The clients connected over Ethernet don't have this issue.

I haven't found anything in the logs, so now am seeking your advice on how to fix this.

Thanks for reading and helping!


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