Xiaomi mi router 3, reverting to stock rom, couldnt open image file Bootloader.bin

Good afternoon guys.

i need some help about my device mi router 3.

im currently following instruction from bakemono (Xiaomi mi wifi 3 support) on how to revert to stock from (thank you sir).

currently stock in step 4 and 5

  1. transfer/wget ur necessary files (Bootloader.bin & kernel0.bin) to cd /tmp
  2. in ssh:

cd /tmp
mtd write Bootloader.bin Bootloader
mtd write kernel0.bin kernel0_rsvd reboot

heres the error in putty.
Couldn't open image file: Bootloader.bin!

i also tried jumping into step 6. this is the error
-ash: fw_setenv: not found
any help will be appreciated. im just a noob in programming routers.

Thanks guys.

PandoraBox is not OpenWrt, perhaps you should ask them.

Your logs show that you jumped to step 5 directly, I do not see any traces of you downloading the files to the router.