Xiaomi mi 3g OpenWrt problem no web ui

Hi, I have the above, I installed openwrt on it a while back configured it for running on, but lost the root password to the web ui (or it ceased to work). I tried a reset and while it looks like the openwrt firmware reset OK as the dhcp network its giving out is now 192.168.1.x as expected and its pingable on there is no web ui to login to, its un-reachable, any ideas please? is it bricked? :frowning:

Which version of the Mi3G, v1 or v2?
Which OpenWrt version exactly (please provide the download link)?

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Thanks for the reply. It is a Mi3g v1 with a usb3 port.

" [Xiaomi Router 3G WiFi Repeater 1167Mbps 2.4G/5GHz Dual 128MB Band Flash ROM 256MB Memory APP Control MI Wireless Router 3g](https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Xiaomi-Router-3G-WiFi-Repeater-1167Mbps-2-4G-5GHz-Dual-128MB-Band-Flash-ROM-256MB-Memory/32837907107.html

I installed it a while ago and it sat in a box until now so I dont know the version any more. Purchase was June 2018 so sometime after that. It was I think a very early version of openwrt that only just supported the 3G.

Can you login via SSH?

Sorry we have been in lockdown couldnt get to it. Nope, and nmap shows only the DNS running.

Ok, I think I have got it into failsafe mode its flashing blue rapidly. However the router doesnt appear to be on Which of the three on the back is eth0? the wan port? mind you ive tried all three.

It wont come up on but will pick up a dhcp lease OK if I put it on my LAN, but no ssh. :frowning:

I have opened it up, i see it has a serial pinouts as per https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERAKolFLYxk&feature=youtu.be&t=614

Parts ordered.

In failsafe mode, the DHCP server is not running. You have to set a fixed IP address on your PC, for example with netmask

When the router operates as a DHCP client, you are connected to the WAN port. The OpenWrt firewall prevents you from logging in via SSH in this case.

Yes I set on the pi4, the WAN port and neither LAN ports responded to ping let alone ssh, ergo the failsafe seemed not to be failing safe