Xiaomi BE7000 (requesting firmware)

Hi Guys ...

I didn't find BE7000 (Wifi-7) Xiaomi on Hardware table (https://openwrt.org/toh/start) that supported by OpenWrt. and Maybe its stupid question but I thought let me ask to try ....

Can I install OpenWrt firmware Xiaomi AX9000 or AX6000 on this router BE7000 ?

(I don't need Wifi 7)

I tried to connect the router with external phone (USB tethering) but the router didn't catch the network becuase of that I would like to Use OpenWrt system which I saw you can allow these specification ....

Sorry Guys i'm noob in OpenWrt but i'm still learning

Device Information

If you like high tech paper weights, go for it!


you cannot and do not try

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as I thought we can't ....

is there way to get USB tethering work in this router by Ducker or something ...
(I tried to speak with Xiamoi about this they replied on me by Chinese language .. we don't understand what you mean .... and I didn't understand also .why they called modem WIFI 7- without 6 ghz

6ghz is not licensed to be used for WiFi in China.

So Xiaomi produces wifi7 routers that work within the limitations for the country, the BE3600 has the same issue.

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