Xiaomi AX6s vs Xiaomi AX3000T

both are similarly prices, around £25 to £35 and both have wifi6. one is older but has 4x4 wifi and the other has 2x2 but it is newer.
I have 1gig symmetric speed so if there anything else less than £50 (even used) let me know

Depends, do you need wifi, or just the routing performance?

i need both preferably. i plan to run adblock as well

Not the AX3000T, because of the warning at https://openwrt.org/inbox/toh/xiaomi/ax3000t.

Personally, I wouldn't buy Xiaomi at all, but that's another story ,)

the warning indicates it doesnt apply to global version, however, on the support for ax3000t someone provided a link that explicited stated it is the chinese version so the warning would not apply

Assuming you can trust the seller, I wouldn't.

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any other recomendations for this price point?

At 1 gbit, I'd buy a wired router, and add something for the wireless, on the side.


I would choose the one with better WiFi as a first step.

The performance of those chipsets is comparable, as it seems (won't be great):

In the next step for a x86 based router, a used Futro S920/S940 and a 2-port NIC could fit the budget.

Once you got the x86 router, you can switch the Xiaomi router to a "dumb AP" configuration, which is lighter on the resources.

EDIT: Also worth considering, the AX3000T is only supported in snapshots at the moment.
So if you need a WiFi router, which "just works" it's better to get one supported in the stable release.

thanks for the suggestion but I am trying to keep the footprint small as possible.
I do actually have an old Unifi AC Lite, however the performance of it has degraded, and was then replaced by Eero Pro 6e. As I changed ISP, I had to return the eero hence why I am looking for something that I can use in the mean time until I get a wifi 7 router (which will be years down the line as it is way to expensive and I dont have any devices that use it)