Xiaomi AX3600: OpenWrt WiFi Issue

I have two routers (main & secondary) which are connected with each other on its LAN port with one acting as a dumb AP. I am using the same SSID on both the routers.

I find it surprising that my phone is right next to the secondary router yet the phone remains connected to the main router.

In Asus, we could influence the roaming decision through dB. Is it possible in OpenWRT?

Have you folks experienced this issue?

Roaming is a client decision, try enabling 802.11r.

Enabled. no luck. clients are sticky to the first router that comes up. Tried changing Tx power too. No luck. Clearly its buggy

Disable 802.11r , keep only 802.11 k and v .
It's not working for me either on AX6 (same hardware as AX3600)